Choices in Life

Sometimes we are faced with choices where neither outcome is something with which we are happy. I have to choose between “A” and “B”, both of which I dislike, or I like part of each but I can only choose one. These hard choices come at us often times in a point of pivotal growth in our lives which makes them all the more difficult. As a Christian my life choices are dictated by a certain world view and this view is God is interested in my life and wants the best for me. Others who do not share my view will – no doubt – make hard calls different than I.

I go about making these tough decisions by consulting others, many others. People whom I trust, who have much more life experience than I, and who will prayerfully give me answer in regard to my situation. I have spent the last decade cultivating some of these relationships building trust on both sides, so when there is a tough question I know the answer I receive, or give, will be on which can be trusted.

I have come up against one of these tough questions recently. I personally prayed over it and asked questions of those I trust. The fell answers on both sides of the question and I was really left with very good reasons why I should do either “A” or “B”. I was left adrift in my life not knowing which answer was right for me in my life. I was in flux not able to feel as if I was standing on anything solid. My world was quite figuratively adrift. After I spent more and more time looking at, thinking about, and praying over the problem I finally made a decision. It wasn’t as if the sky opened up and the answer was given to me on a platter, I simply made a decision, based upon the info I had at the time.

The greatest part about this decision was suddenly instead of having a hard time sleeping and stressing out over my current situation, I had peace. I felt secure in my decision and I had peace over the direction it would take me. This is the one of the phenomenal things about making decisions: we fret over the process but if we were to take a step back look at the info and make the decision we would have a lot less stress. My life (even though only 27 years long) has proven this to me time and again. Once I finally make a decision I always feel peaceful but when I’m stressing out over which way I should go and what I should do my life is a living hell.

One of the things which is an amazing transformation in my life is I no longer am just the one looking up to, and asking advice from others. In my life I have slowly become an advice giver as well. Some people (as a Martial Arts Instructor the length of time I have known these people varies from a few days to years) are coming to me and asking tough questions. I try to always give the same prayerful and thoughtful answers I have received. I don’t know if the advice I give has been of any use, but I keep my focus on the positive and continue to try to be as helpful as possible, to try and allow others to feel the peace I have from finally making a decision.

Good luck in your decision making.


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