Ides of Unwanted Allusions

Well, I finished a new story the other day (literally just about a week and a half ago) and I am just coming down of the surge of endorphins which always comes with the end of a project. This project was a story which I had retasked from being an Imonoran Empire story into the new Republic story. I’m super excited to see where this new universe is going. I’ve put so much work into the world around the stories that it is nice to see something come to fruition. I’m letting it percolate and stew-down and then in December or January I will put it through its first round of editing. I really liked this story.

I’ve also now had about three months’ worth of stories up on RB’s Universe. I’ve also figured out most of the schedule for the future of my stories on the website.

I’m excited.

I’m still riding the high. I’ve started putting a lot of work in my fantasy stories set in Siravi recently. This is the universe where I am spending a lot of time right now. The Republic needs to be placed on the back burner for a while it will be better when I come back to it in a little while. Siravi is my fantasy universe where magic humans, dwarves and the like stand side by side. It is something I’ve been working on it for a while and have been enjoying the prospects of the universe. My stories which I am writing in this universe will be fun.

I’m looking forward to (American) Thanksgiving which is happening this week. It is going to give me a chance to take some time off and relax with the family. I hope you all out there in the digital noosphere are doing well. Have a happy Thanksgiving.


A Walk Among Filtered Expectations

OK, I am now looking at my fiction. I’m looking at what I write, but more importantly how I write. This has not been easy for me (as it is probably not for most writers). I have been writing since I was a young boy (most of it not good) and I over the years I have grown a lot, not just as a writer, but as a person.

With putting my fiction in a space where is being made available, I am looking for feedback! I have a few ways you can engage with me for feedback: you can follow me on Facebook, you can e-mail me, or  you can simply comment on one of my blogs – either RB’s Universe or here. I do hope you choose to engage, because I need this feedback. I’ve grown to the point I need to see what my audience would like to see. I am working with a friend who teaching me a lot, but what do you think.

With all that being said I do realize there is only one story up on RB’s Universe. This Friday the second story will be starting. It will be delving into more of the universe which is my main universe, and that is the Imonoran Empire Universe. A lot of the upcoming stories is simply putting out my backlog of stories. If you’ve followed me for any length of time (especially those who have followed me since the Imonoran Empire Cast) you will have heard (or possibly read) some of these stories. Some of them are special to me, some are just stories I’ve written forever ago. (Speaking of IEC Lost Falchion will be coming out on RB’s Universe. Currently it is planned for late January through May of next year.)

Once we get down the road a pace I will be excited to be putting out new fiction. Some of it is the stuff I’ve been working on now, Some of it I haven’t even written yet.

Anyways, the whole reason for this post is because I want your feedback on RB’s Universe.

Thank you so much!

Unknown Aphorisms

OK! Well thank you for all the feedback on the my previous post! I’m doing it! I’m going forward with serial fiction. I hope everyone will enjoy it! You can find it over at RB’s Universe. That is going to be the one stop shop for my fiction. The Introduction was posted yesterday and the first story is going live today in moments!

Every Friday at 4pm (16:00 for places who use a logical chonographic system) a new story will be coming out on RB’s Universe.   This is super exciting and I need to sit down and plan for the future, but I have a few ideas and I think things will work out. (At least until I actually need to put new fiction out… lol).

Okay, enough from me for now.


Serialized Fiction

OK, I’m bouncing ideas around in my head. I’m unsure as to what you all think any on of this, so please give me your feedback, whether in e-mail, or in a comment here.

My most recent thoughts stem from looking at serialized fiction. (Just to get it out of the way, I am not talking about TV shows.) The webcomic is the most prominent form of serialized fiction currently available. There’s still is a movement in podcasting for serialized audio-fiction. There are other forms of serialized fiction you can find some authors who serialize on Deviant Art, Youtube, or other places.

My question, then, is how many people out there in the digitized noosphere actually consume serial fiction online? I know I do, but, I also know I am somewhat biased as I was a fiction podcaster for a while and found a wonderful community to be part of while I was doing it. How many of you read webcomics, online serialized fiction, watch fiction on Youtube, or listen to podcast based fiction?

The reason I ask is I am thinking about putting an offering up as a serialized fiction project. I am thinking about doing this as a way to spur my writing on. I’ve spent time recording fiction before and it is heavily laborious. But my thought is if I had to put a schedule on myself, I may just finish some projects I’ve left simmering on the back burner for a while now. The reason I question doing it is will it be worth it?

Yes, I’ve had all the arguments with myself about anything learned on the journey from “A” to “B” makes the journey itself worth it. Is the goal truly the goal of the journey, or is the journey itself the goal and the end results mater not? Should our focus be on where our journey shall end or on the next step, just this next step? I’ve hashed out those arguments with myself time and time again and I’ve looked at the journey and maybe, maybe it will be worth the effort. So, I am now asking you, as a person who consumes fiction of some kind or another, would serialized fiction be worth it?

I think even if most of my readership on this blog (and Facebook friends who come to read it from the link I posted there) will not read serialized fiction online, I may go forward with it anyway (it comes back to all those arguments in the previous ↑ paragraph). I hope this doesn’t stop you from giving me feedback as I desperately want it. I think what I am getting at is trying to poll my possible audience. If I serialize my fiction and put it out in a way you could easily grab, would you do so?

Would I be better off just trying to grind out a project and putting it up on the kindle store for 99¢?

My idea is simple, can I push myself to actually finish all the projects I have on my plate and put them in the hands of readers?

Geeky Moments Pass All to Shortly

OK, well I’ve been known to geek out, and you all know I am an author-wannabe, but now something I wrote is going to space… well at least digitally. I’ve been following the new nation Asgardia – because well I’m a nerd – and with the latest even in this little… country’s life they are allowing people who have voted on their constitution to upload files to their satellite.

I uploaded my story From Freighter to Fighter. It is one of my favorite short stories I have ever written and this means something I wrote about space is going to space. Science-fiction is my favorite genre – as most people who know me know – and so this is like a dream come true. If you want to read the story, I will be posting a PDF of it here or you can go read it on the Asgardia website.

I really am at a loss for words in this moment. The only thing I think which could be better than this is an actual printed copy of one of my writings going to space… a person can dream I guess.

Read the story on their website or download a PDF of it for yourself. It’s up to you. I don’t care. I am just so excited for something I wrote to be going to space I’m giving the story away to anyone who wants to read it.

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